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8/2/18 – Dynamic Campus Wins 2018 Campus Technology Impact Award

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón disaster recovery efforts earn one of three awards in “IT Infrastructure & Systems”

Imagine your campus has just experienced a massive disaster. You have no power, no water, no cellular service, no fuel for your data center generator, and the roads around your campus are heavily damaged. What would you do?

This worst-case scenario is exactly what Gilberto Marxuach Torrós, the President of  Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, was faced with when Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico in October 2017, destroying most of the island’s infrastructure in the process.

With the help of technology partner Dynamic Campus, Sagrado was able to migrate four core IT systems out of its data center — run entirely on a balky gas generator — and onto an Amazon Web Services server on the mainland in a matter of days.

This quick action on the part of Maxuach’s team and Dynamic Campus allowed Sagrado to register students, issue financial aid and deliver courses on campus and online in less than three weeks.

It also allowed the institution to become the focal point of a comprehensive humanitarian relief effort known as Sagrado Contigo – Sagrado With You – that delivered critical aid and hope to more than 43,000 people, including students, faculty, staff and the surrounding communities in the months that followed Maria.

For these efforts, Sagrado and Dynamic Campus were recognized by Campus Technology, the complete resource for academic and administrative IT leaders in higher education, with an Impact Award for 2018 in the “IT Infrastructure & Systems” category.

In their 14th year, the Campus Technology Impact Awards recognize “colleges and universities that are making an extraordinary impact with technology on campus, doing important work in the service of teaching, learning, administration and operations.”

To find out more about the 2018 Campus Technology Impact Awards and see the full list of winners, click here.

5/18/18 – Dynamic Campus Announces Acquisition of Higher Education Services Provider EduServe

Combined strategic and technology resources deliver greater value for institutions nationwide

Dynamic Campus a 16-year-old higher education managed services partner dedicated to increasing the performance and effectiveness of colleges and universities through the strategic application of technology, announced the successful acquisition of EduServe, a New Lenox, Ill.-based higher education services provider with more than 20 years of experience helping colleges and universities gain strategic value from information technology.

The acquisition will integrate EduServe’s Board of Directors and team of strategists and technologists into the Dynamic Campus organization, delivering additional industry-specific value, capacity and experience to Dynamic Campus’s already deep and diverse team of experts.

John Slack
President & CEO

Current EduServe institutions will be seamlessly transitioned to Dynamic Campus as part of the integration, allowing them to tap into Dynamic Campus’s larger, deeper pool of resources.

As higher education faces heavy scrutiny, a growing number of institutions across the country are actively looking for new ways to increase enrollment and retention, improve institutional efficiency, and meet the growing and changing needs of students now and in the future.

“Colleges and university leaders are under pressure like never before, and they are seeking experts who understand the business of higher education to help them solve their most pressing issues and provide the resources needed to execute accordingly,” said Dynamic Campus president Mike Glubke.

Mike Glubke
President & CEO
Dynamic Campus

“Integrating EduServe’s team into Dynamic Campus brings an industry-leading concentration of higher education experts under one roof,” Glubke added, “delivering unprecedented capacity to present practical solutions, then bring them to life within their existing IT environment.”

“This acquisition is simply a perfect strategic and cultural fit for Dynamic Campus and EduServe customers and employees alike,” said John Slack, president and chief executive officer of EduServe. “Each organization has a long track record of success based on understanding the unique needs of higher ed institutions and leaders, making sure their technology investments are addressing business goals and driving innovation. Moving forward under Dynamic Campus will allow us to continue building on that track record of success better than ever before.”

“Technology plays a vital role in the sustainability and viability of today’s colleges and universities, just as it does in every aspect of our lives,” Glubke said. “Dynamic Campus and EduServe have been helping our customers get the biggest return on their technology investments and contracts for decades. As one Dynamic Campus, we can help higher education leaders effectively address their immediate challenges, support their strategic plans and ensure their institutions are able to meet the changing needs of students, staff, faculty and stakeholders better than ever before.”

About EduServe

EduServe has over 20 years of experience helping colleges and universities gain strategic value from information technology. Our commitment to student success, combined with our deep knowledge of technology, gives us a unique perspective on the role technology plays in higher education. Our mission is to work with colleges and universities to strengthen teaching and learning while improving operations with the application of best practices and technology.

3/20/18 – Assumption College Selects Dynamic Campus as Technology Support Partner

Higher education managed IT services provider chosen to drive institutional efficiencies and strategic alignment

Assumption College, a private Catholic liberal arts institution of higher education with campuses in central Massachusetts and Rome, Italy, announces a five-year partnership with Austin, Texas-based  Dynamic Campus to provide comprehensive IT support for all of Assumption’s current and future needs.

Under the terms of the engagement, Dynamic Campus has assumed all IT support functions for Assumption’s students, faculty and staff, allowing the institution to tap into Dynamic Campus’s deep bench of higher education-specific IT experts to support Assumption’s changing technology needs, both remotely and on campus.

“A well-supported and equipped Department of Information Technology is key to the success and growth of a modern institution of higher learning that is positioned to meet the increasing technology needs of students, faculty and staff,” said Assumption College President Francesco C. Cesareo, Ph.D. “Assumption chose to partner with Dynamic Campus for their record of success with other colleges and exemplary customer service provided to existing clients. This collaboration will enable the College to enhance its IT and Media Services and advise, train and empower staff to fully optimize their capabilities for the College’s rapidly changing IT needs and short and long-term goals.  This change will enhance our efforts to strategically leverage technology as we innovate for the future.”

“Colleges and universities today are more reliant on technology than ever before to meet the needs of students and faculty, increase efficiency and achieve short- and long-term strategic goals,” said Mike Glubke, Dynamic Campus president and founder. “By tapping the vast IT expertise of Dynamic Campus, Assumption will have the resources to increase institutional agility and efficiency, deliver a superior student and staff experience, and position the college for continued success.”

About Assumption College

Founded in 1904 by the Augustinians of the Assumption in Worcester, Mass., Assumption College is a Catholic liberal arts institution that offers undergraduate students 41 majors and 48 minors in the liberal arts, sciences, business, and professional studies; as well as master’s and continuing education degrees and professional certificate programs—each through an educational experience that is grounded in the rich Catholic intellectual tradition.

The curriculum enables students to gain a depth and breadth of knowledge that leads to professional success and personal fulfillment. Students—whether on the Worcester campus or at the College’s Rome, Italy, campus—become engaged participants in Assumption’s classic liberal arts education, exploring new ideas and making connections across disciplines.

To prepare for the workforce, students learn cutting-edge theory and best practices, conduct innovative research, and develop excellent communication and critical-analysis skills. The community also knows Assumption graduates for their thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service.

02/13/2018 – Six Steps to Safer Social Media Use on Campus [infographic]

Social media is everywhere on college campuses, but few users understand how easily those platforms and content can put themselves and your institution at risk of identity theft and more.

Feel free to distribute the infographic below you see fit with our permission—we just ask that you keep the header and footer intact and attribute as the source.



1/30/18 – Sagrado Corazon University Selects Dynamic Campus to Modernize and Optimize IT Infrastructure

Puerto Rico Institution Continues Momentum from Three-week Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery Effort

Santurce, Puerto Rico-based Sagrado Corazón University and higher education IT services and support provider Dynamic Campus announced a new managed IT services partnership intended to build on the positive momentum the institution has experienced since Hurricane Maria hit the island on Sept. 20, 2017.

“With the help of Dynamic Campus, Sagrado has made incredible progress modernizing and optimizing our IT infrastructure under the most difficult circumstances,” said Sagrado President Gilberto J. Marxuach. “Not only did Dynamic Campus help us begin our fall semester just three weeks after Maria devastated our island, but their efforts have helped us improve our long-term institutional efficiency and resiliency as well.”

“When President Marxuach reached out to us for help on September 29, he and his team were in the midst of a worst-case situation for any institutional leader,” said Dynamic Campus President Mike Glubke. “In the wake of Maria, the island had no potable water, no fuel, no electricity, and sparse cellular connectivity, and the data center was running on a balky diesel generator that needed to be shut down every other day for hours of maintenance—when it had fuel to begin with,” Glubke said.

Dynamic Campus IT experts on the mainland and on campus worked in conjunction with Sagrado IT personnel to create a high-bandwidth virtual private network that could securely migrate more than eight terabytes of data from Sagrado’s intermittently-running data center to a new Amazon Web Services instance on the mainland established by Dynamic Campus.

In just a few days, Dynamic Campus and Sagrado were able to go live in the cloud with three key systems needed to open the university’s doors: Sagrado’s academic enterprise resource planning system, learning management system and financial aid management system.

Dynamic Campus took the opportunity to upgrade all three platforms to the latest build, along with the institution’s active directory and critical desktop and laptop PCs to ensure all were fully integrated and able to run the latest software.

“Since the university reopened its doors to students on October 9, Sagrado was able to maintain 96 percent of its fall enrollment, despite widespread road damage and ongoing scarcity of potable water, electricity and cellular connectivity,” said Marxuach.

“Dynamic Campus has helped us give hope to our students and Puerto Rico as a whole, and if they can help us accomplish all this under the worst conditions possible, we’re excited to see what they can do for us as we continue our recovery and become the modern, efficient, high-value institution tomorrow’s students will demand.”

Under the terms of the contract, Dynamic Campus will continue to provide expert IT services and support both on campus in Puerto Rico and remotely from the mainland.

“Due to the hurricane, Sagrado was forced to complete a nine-month cloud migration project in just three weeks,” Glubke said. “That effort has rapidly accelerated their IT infrastructure modernization plan, and we’re looking forward to keeping the pedal down to help improve institutional efficiency and student outcomes, and deliver a superior student experience for all Sagrado students today and in the future.”

About Sagrado Corazón University

Sagrado Corazón University is an independent, coeducational and non-profit Catholic institution located in Santurce, Puerto Rico. The members of Sagrado share the mission of educating people in intellectual freedom and moral conscience, ready to participate in the construction of a more authentically Christian Puerto Rican society: a community of solidarity in justice and peace.

1/16/18 – Cloud County Community College Renews Dynamic Campus Contract

Contract extended to maintain positive momentum of digital transformation at Cloud’s two campuses.

Higher education IT services and support provider Dynamic Campus and Cloud County Community College — based in Concordia and Junction City, Kan.— announced a renewal of their managed IT services agreement due to expire at the end of 2017.

The extension, approved by the Cloud County Community College Board of Trustees, allows Dynamic Campus to continue to provide expert IT services and leadership to support Cloud’s two primary campuses and 28 outreach locations across 12 counties in north central Kansas.

Dynamic Campus higher education IT veteran Shawn Walden will continue to serve as the primary point of contact, leading Cloud’s in-house IT staff.

“We have a very close working relationship with Shawn and Dynamic Campus,” said Dr. Danette Toone, Cloud’s president. “From a technology perspective, we have accomplished more in the last two years than we did in the previous five.

“There is a noticeable difference with Dynamic Campus on site, and our IT staff has grown as individuals and the overall professionalism has come up several notches. We wish we had unlimited resources to have them here full time.”

Under the previous contract, Dynamic Campus helped Cloud to:

  • Conduct a full IT asset assessment and inventory.
  • Execute a seamless migration plan to upgrade older systems.
  • Modernize the college’s network infrastructure, improving performance, scalability and security.
  • Update and optimize their Jenzabar EX ERP system and associated business processes.
  • Cleanse the Active Directory to optimize license use and access security.
  • Install connectivity on Cloud’s tour buses, allowing students to study and do homework while travelling across the region.
  • Overhauled the campus wireless infrastructure, improving student satisfaction and increasing bandwidth tenfold while saving Cloud more than $40,000 annually.

“Not only have we had far less downtime from outages since we partnered with Dynamic Campus, but we also have a much more responsive IT team that is able to work on strategic objectives,” said Toone. “We have a true long-range plan in place that will ensure we’re able to continue to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our students, faculty and staff across the state.”

“We’re very pleased with the progress that’s been made at Cloud by collaborating closely with Dr. Toone and her leadership team over the last several years,” said Michael Glubke, Dynamic Campus’ president and CEO. “There are a number of exciting initiatives on the Cloud IT roadmap, and we’re eager to help bring those to life for the benefit of students across Kansas for many years to come.”

About Cloud County Community College
Founded in 1965, Cloud County Community College serves the educational needs of 12 counties in North Central Kansas. The first campus was located in Concordia, however, services are provided at 29 other sites, including the Geary County Campus in Junction City, Kansas.

Courses and programs are offered in the traditional liberal arts and in selected career fields. In addition to the educational offerings, a wide range of student activities, including intercollegiate athletics, are offered to the student body.

The College is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

11/28/17 – Don’t Be a Victim! Quick and Easy Ways to Spot Phishing Attacks Before it’s Too Late [infographic]

91% of all cyberattacks begin with a phishing email, but 97% of potential victims can’t successfully identify one in their inbox.

Help your students and staff quickly identify and avoid phishing attacks by sharing this infographic below on your own communications platforms. Please distribute as you see fit with our permission—we just ask that you keep the header and footer intact and attribute as the source.



11/16/17 – After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico University Turns to the Cloud to Restore Student Services

Planning a cloud migration for an institution’s core IT systems often takes 9-12 months, but what happens when you only have three weeks in the wake of a humanitarian emergency?

“When September’s massive storm knocked out access to electricity, clean water and communications for the entire island, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón needed to get up and running fast.

Thanks to an extraordinary IT team and the resources of the cloud, the school was back in action within a few weeks…”


9/18/17 – Ransomware on Campus: How to Protect Yourself [infographic]

Education is the biggest target for ransomware today, affecting 1 in 10 organizations.

Help your students and staff identify and avoid ransomware attacks before they happen by sharing this infographic below on your own communications platforms. Please distribute as you see fit with our permission—we just ask that you keep the header and footer intact and attribute as the source.


9/12/17 – Madonna University Partners with Dynamic Campus to Drive Institution’s Strategic Plan

Five-year partnership to better align institutional IT capabilities with strategic goals.

Higher education IT services and support provider Dynamic Campus and Livonia, Mich.-based Madonna University announced the signing of a five-year managed IT services agreement, allowing Dynamic Campus to provide IT leadership and expert IT services to Madonna’s more than 4,200 students, faculty and staff through 2022.

As part of the agreement, John Montgomery — a Dynamic Campus employee and long-time IT veteran in the public and private sectors — has assumed the role of chief information technology officer at Madonna to ensure the institution’s technology investments are fully aligned with the university’s strategic goals.

“Madonna University is executing a bold plan to deliver a richer on-campus experience for our traditional students, while we aggressively expand our online education offerings,” said Dr. Michael Grandillo, president of Madonna University. “Technology is at the heart of higher education today, and we’re partnering with Dynamic Campus to ensure our IT capabilities enable us to achieve our strategic enrollment and student success goals for many years to come.”

In addition, Madonna will have full access to the Expert Services team at Dynamic Campus, a deep roster of nationwide talent with specific higher education IT expertise.

“The increasing complexity and rate of change taking place in higher education and IT is making it difficult for campus IT teams alone to keep up,” said Michael Glubke, Dynamic Campus’ president and CEO. “Our Expert Services team allows Madonna to augment its existing investments in systems and personnel with additional IT skill and scale on demand, at a fixed price that fits their budget.”

About Madonna University

Founded by the Felician Sisters in 1937 and inspired by the values of St. Francis of Assisi, Madonna is an independent Catholic university based in Livonia, Mich.

While the 4,200-student University is proud of its rich Catholic heritage, Madonna faculty and staff welcome students of all ages and of varied religious, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

5/10/17 – Dynamic Campus Helps Pfeiffer University Transform its Institution

Seven-year managed IT services partnership empowers CIO and university leaders to achieve short- and long-term goals

With a bold vision to digitally transform their 132-year-old institution, Pfeiffer University signed a seven-year managed IT services agreement with Dynamic Campus to provide the necessary technical skills, scale and agility needed to achieve the university’s immediate operational needs and long-term strategic goals.

Pfeiffer, a United Methodist-affiliated private university serving more than 1,600 students across three locations in North Carolina and online, experienced immediate improvement after partnering with Austin-based Dynamic Campus, which offers a complete portfolio of support services that address the acute and changing needs of today’s colleges and universities.

Under the agreement, Dynamic Campus provides an Expert Services IT team on site to support Dr. Ken Russell, Pfeiffer’s vice president of Digital Transformation and Chief Information Officer.

“With Dynamic Campus as part of my professional IT staff, I’m able to be much more strategic. Instead of fighting fires, I can focus on helping Pfeiffer transform using digital assets and technology,” he said.

“Pfeiffer has access to Dynamic Campus’ deep bench of on-demand higher education IT experts to leverage when additional scope, scale or skill is required to close any IT gaps,” said Michael Glubke, Dynamic Campus’ president and CEO. “Whether we’re migrating the campus technology support team to a new technology center in the middle of the student union or helping to bring next-generation learning environments to life on Pfeiffer’s new Charlotte campus, Dynamic Campus is helping Pfeiffer University position itself for success in today’s rapidly-evolving higher education environment.”

“Having a managed service relationship like we have with the Dynamic Campus is perfect because I can tap into a reservoir of really, really deep talent who are schooled and ready to work on the latest and greatest technologies,” said Russell. “I can call the folks at Dynamic Campus at 11 o’clock at night and they’re right there. There’s no 9:00 to 5:00 with Dynamic Campus. We are partners in every sense of the word, and that’s why it works.”

About Pfeiffer University

Established in 1885, Pfeiffer University is a globally engaged, private liberal arts university distinctive for its transformational undergraduate experiences and leadership in professional and graduate programs that fill demonstrated needs at its campuses in Misenheimer, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, N.C., as well as online.

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