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Higher education increasingly relies on technology to compete, succeed, and fulfill its mission. But many smaller, private institutions struggle to keep up with the fast-changing technology needs and expectations of students, faculty, and staff—and they’re suffering the consequences.

For 20 years, Dynamic Campus’s IT outsourcing for higher education model has provided smaller, private colleges and universities with the technical and functional expertise and scalability of a large, public university—but for a flat, monthly fee that’s right for smaller institutions

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Our approach

When you partner with Dynamic Campus, our deep bench of more than 225 higher education IT experts across the country joins your on-campus IT team. Your institution gains immediate access to technology experts in a variety of critical fields like:

  • Data analytics
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Student information systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Remote learning
  • Recruiting
  • Enrollment
  • Retention
  • Infrastructure
  • Process optimization
  • Project management

At a time when recruiting and retaining top talent is a challenge, these tactical, functional, and strategic technology experts are there when you need them and gone when the job is done, all for a flat monthly fee.

Institutions that partner with Dynamic Campus see immediate impact and sustainable results in 90 days or less, including:

  • Stabilized and optimized IT systems
  • Accelerated delivery of high priority projects
  • Improved student and stakeholder experiences
  • Superior service and support levels across campus
  • Enhanced institutional agility and responsiveness
  • Reduced institutional risk
  • Increased institutional efficiency
  • IT budget cost certainty
  • Peace of mind for your leadership team and Board of Directors

When you partner with Dynamic Campus, you’ll immediately receive the wide-ranging tactical, functional, and strategic technology support that higher education institutions need to thrive, no matter what trends and conditions you face.

Real-world financial and strategic results

“We’re not in the business of technology, we’re in the business of education, that’s what we understand. We needed to have a partner who had the knowledge and expertise in technology that we could leverage and bring together with our educational mission in making smart investments going forward. And that’s what we found in Dynamic Campus.”

Francesco Cesareo, President | Assumption University

“Before we outsourced our IT function, we were employing certain level of expertise on our full-time staff, year-round, even though we might only need that expertise for a few weeks each year. The ability to utilize the expertise of shared services through Dynamic Campus has been a godsend to Texas Wesleyan.”

Frederick G. Slabach, President | Texas Wesleyan University

“Dynamic Campus has provided us with a level of muscle that we couldn’t afford on our own … And I have confidence that I’m not going to get stuck in thinking about what we need from technology as it exists in 2021, but that I’ll be able to stay focused on 2025 and beyond.”

Mary Ann Gawalek, President | Lourdes University

“It is this synergistic effect that is created when Dynamic Campus walks into your situation and just bolsters everyone in that journey. By that I mean, everyone—faculty, staff, students—as we continue to do the really vital work of learning and working together in this higher ed environment. It’s a gift that’s worth the investment.”

Joy Fehr, President | La Sierra University

“Dynamic Campus allows us the opportunity to strategically position the institution in a way that’s relevant moving forward and is consistent with our values…. I would 100% endorse using Dynamic Campus as an outsourcing option, primarily because I don’t see it as an outsourcing option. It feels like insourcing with a whole host of benefits in the background that you get to take advantage of.”

Suzanne Davis, President | Greenville University

“We understand that information technology is this incredible force multiplier that can be leveraged to advance the ball in every area of the campus…. I found that Dynamic Campus was really the only place, only partner that we could find that knew our type of campus, knew our people, and knew our processes and were able to just jump right in.”

Dondi Costin, President | Charleston Southern University

“We know that we’ve got to be increasingly flexible in the way we deliver learning, we’ve got to have systems that are able to flex with that and be able to support that flexibility … I think what has been really good to see is the proactive way in which Dynamic Campus has worked with us as a partner. They’re at the table, giving ideas that are helping us create our ideas as well.”

Andrea Luxton, President | Andrews University

“They’ve made the faculty and staff very comfortable using technology, and they’ve improved our financial efficiencies in measures I could not have imagined. They really believe in treating people with human dignity and in increasing the value of a Madonna education, and I’m proud to partner with them.”

Dr. Michael Grandillo, President | Madonna University

“They’ve made the faculty and staff very comfortable using technology, and they’ve improved our financial efficiencies in measures I could not have imagined. They really believe in treating people with human dignity and in increasing the value of a Madonna education, and I’m proud to partner with them.”

Gilberto J. Marxuach, President | Sagrado University

“It’s the year 2021 and we needed to figure [our IT] out if we want to stay in the marketplace and be credible …. And now I see that Dynamic Campus does know how to do it. And they do it well, and they do it with great respect for our people …. the more they get inundated, the more amicable they are. It’s just amazing. They’re just willing to help any way they can. And already there’s a much more positive feeling on campus toward IT.”

Sister Mary Perico, President | Marywood University

“Having Dynamic Campus as its strategic, generative and helpful partner at IT allows us at the University of Mary to be able to focus upon our central work, which is the work of education.”

Monsignor James Patrick Shea, President | University of Mary

“… Our people are not only getting the reports they’ve requested when they need them, but they can trust the validity of the findings for the first time. Our leaders are able to make informed decisions based on real-time data, and that’s helping University of Mary grow at a time when many institutions are competing harder than ever to just maintain their enrollment levels.”

Greg Vedder, Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff | University of Mary

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