Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Data Privacy and Compliance

The Dynamic Cyber Defense SolutionTM. Protect, prevent, and comply.


Our Dynamic Cyber Defense Solution was developed specifically for the unique and rapidly changing needs of colleges and universities. Based on more than two decades of experience successfully supporting the information technology, advanced security, and regulatory requirements of institutions of higher education, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering protection, trust, and peace of mind.

Our solution addresses the threat surfaces and methods hackers use to find and exploit vulnerabilities in your IT and security systems. We provide a comprehensive solution that:


Protects your investments in IT systems and security environments


Mitigates the rapidly growing and evolving threats against your institution


Fulfills GLBA and other regulatory compliance requirements


Reduces your cybersecurity insurance premiums


Reduces your risk of ransomware and cybersecurity attacks


Reduces the impact, scope and duration of a successful attack or breach in the event one takes place

The Dynamic Cyber Defense SolutionTM


24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Continuous vulnerability scanning across all your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises systems.

Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment

Regular vulnerability scans assess IT weaknesses, comparing results with a 120,000+ library to guide remediation and compliance

Endpoint Protection

Protect higher education endpoints against sophisticated cyberattacks with machine learning, threat intelligence, and customizable detections.

Cybersecurity Awareness
Training & Testing

Comprehensive awareness program, training, videos, and phishing simulations.

Penetration Testing

Conduct annual simulated attacks to expose vulnerabilities, offering a full report and actionable recommendations.

Chief Information Security Officer & Cybersecurity Team Support

Our CISO and cybersecurity team works in concert with your CIO and IT staff to ensure your institutional risk is mitigated