Prepare to thrive after the Demographic Cliff of 2025

Planning for and leading transformational change for the future can feel impossible when you’re spending all your time on short-term needs and maintenance.

Dynamic Campus’s nationwide team of functional and strategic experts comes alongside your leadership team, understands your strategic goals, modernizes your operations, and helps you make—and implement—the right decisions to ensure your institution can thrive for decades to come.

All of these services are included at no additional cost to our IT Outsourcing partners, or they are also available on a project basis.

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Cloud migration and optimization

The cloud offers proven, fast and measurable benefits for institutions of all sizes, but developing and executing a migration plan can be paralyzing for overwhelmed IT staffs.

Dynamic Campus has a proven cloud migration methodology that delivers rapid results without interrupting your operations. In one extreme award-winning example, we helped one institution recover from a devastating hurricane by getting four critical systems migrated from a Puerto Rico data center to a mainland cloud provider in less than three weeks, not only saving their fall semester but saving $352,000 in data center expenses in the process.

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Institutional research

Small colleges and universities can’t afford to make wrong decisions anymore; the stages are simply too great and the margin for error too small. Our Institutional Research experts can help you collect, analyze, interpret and report the critical data and information you need to make current, complete and confident decisions in a fraction of the time required today.

In one instance, we reduced the annual time investment needed to complete IPEDS filings from more than 600 to mere hours today.

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IT systems integration

Are you frustrated with the chronic underperformance of a critical platform, or is the value of an application leaving you flat? Chances are that software or system is operating at a fraction of its potential due to a lack of complete integration with other hardware and software in your ecosystem.

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Data-driven decision-making

Making data-driven decisions begins with understanding what questions need to be answered, then ensuring you have the right data delivered in the right way to the right audience at the right time.

We can build you the custom reports and data visualizations you need to act with confidence.

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Data cleanup and governance

Data is the lifeblood of higher education today, but the best dashboards and analytics platforms can’t deliver if the data’s not clean and complete.

Dynamic Campus works with colleges and universities to identify sources of invalid data, append and arrange data to align with updated database fields, create policies and procedures for data entry, then institute a data governance plan to keep the data clean across the institution. Don’t let your IT investments go to waste with bad or incomplete data!

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Business process automation

Dynamic Campus is your proven partner in your quest for institutional efficiency, bringing together process optimization experts with application specific technical expertise to:

  1. Optimize your current manual and digital processes.
  2. Lock those optimizations in by configuring your current IT platforms to match their flow.

Unlock the full potential of your faculty and staff by enabling them to perform at their peak, creating a firm foundation for the future of your institution’s transformation efforts.

“Making decisions out of your gut and intuition just isn’t going to cut it anymore… having the data in front of us to be able to make wise decisions is essential. Dynamic Campus has been very, very helpful in creating those dashboards.”

Dr. Diane Fladeland , Vice President for Academic AffairsUniversity of Mary

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