Unlimited technology support, one fixed monthly fee

Your IT needs are changing and multiplying faster than your IT team can adapt. How will you afford the technology scale and skill your institution requires when budgets are shrinking and IT talent is in high demand across the country?

When you outsource your IT to Dynamic Campus, you get exactly the IT and functional support your institution needs at that moment, on demand, as long as you need it. All for a flat monthly fee that won’t change. It’s that simple.

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IT in higher education isn’t an expense any longer; it’s an investment. And no investment on campus improves every other aspect of the institution like information technology. It’s the rising tide that lifts all ships in higher education.

Give your institution and your IT team the support they need by doing what so many other forward-thinking leaders are doing: outsourcing your IT to Dynamic Campus.

The Dynamic Campus DualTrack™ Approach

The pandemic proved how much your current and future viability depends on a high-functioning IT ecosystem. But focusing on the immediate needs of your campus community is just one side of the technology support coin.

Your leadership team also needs functional and strategic support to ensure your institution is running as efficiently as possible, and that you’re making the right decisions and technology investments to help you prepare for the Demographic Cliff of 2025 and beyond.

Taking a bottom-up, system-based approach to your IT support doesn’t address the needs of your leadership team. On the other hand, looking at it from a top-down, consultant’s view doesn’t root the strategic recommendations in the reality of your specific IT environment.

That’s why we offer our Dynamic DualTrack Approach™. This unique model considers the holistic needs of your institution, applying the right IT skill and scale to meet the day-to-day needs of your campus stakeholders. At the same time, your leadership team gets the expert functional and strategic support needed to help you remain innovative, resilient and competitive in the new era of higher education.

Proven Four-step Onboarding Model

For 20 years, Dynamic Campus has been refining and enhancing our proven onboarding model to deliver maximum benefit in minimal time with minimum disruption to your ongoing operations.

Here’s what happens when you partner with Dynamic Campus:

01) We join your IT team. Dynamic Campus often transitions all members of your current IT staff to full-time employment on our team of dedicated higher education technology experts across the country.

  • Everyone on the current IT team will be offered a job at their current salaries and will have an opportunity to join our national network of IT professionals, with a 90-day evaluation period to ensure a good fit on both sides.
  • We will pair them with mentors and immediately provide support and professional development.
  • Salary, benefits, and related personnel expenses will become the responsibility of Dynamic Campus.

02) We give you the specific IT skill and scale you need, when you need it. You will have immediate access to the specialized technology expertise you need, on demand, through the Dynamic Campus Shared Services team. As importantly, these resources are reassigned to other partners once the job is done.

These higher education-specific technology experts are ready to address your changing needs in a variety of fields, including:

  • ERP systems: 177 years of experience
  • Infrastructure and Integration: 210 years of experience
  • Business Intelligence: 75 years of experience
  • Document Imaging: 46 years of experience
  • 10 different functional areas from Recruiting to Institutional Research: 623 years of experience, including, bit not limited to:
    • Cybersecurity
    • Project management
    • Functional specialists
    • Training support
    • Data management and analytics
    • CRM platforms

03) We ensure your strategic needs are supported with the right technology. The Dynamic Campus transition and functional experts work with your leadership and finance team to eliminate unnecessary and redundant technology spending, improve processes and institutional efficiency, and reallocate these resources to focus on executing your institution’s critical strategic priorities.

04) We begin transforming your institution to succeed, no matter what the future holds. Dynamic Campus’s unique DualTrack Approach improve your institution holistically, from the systems level up and the leadership team down. This ensure all actions and activities are coordinated, aligned, and orchestrated to enable you to thrive in the Demographic Cliff of 2025 and far beyond.

“Dynamic Campus allows us the opportunity to strategically position the institution in a way that’s relevant moving forward and is consistent with our values….

I would 100% endorse using Dynamic Campus as an outsourcing option, primarily because I don’t see it as an outsourcing option. It feels like insourcing with a whole host of benefits in the background that you get to take advantage of.”

Suzanne Davis President | Greenville University

Results Speak for Themselves


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