IT Outsourcing

Institutions with chronically underperforming IT teams have four options.

  • Do nothing and hope something changes
  • Hire a hero CIO to try and save the day
  • Clean house and build from scratch
  • Or augment the team with an IT Outsourcing partner like Dynamic Campus
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Our proven methodology

When considering an IT outsourcing partnership, higher education leaders have one primary concern: “What happens to our IT team?” The short answer is, they’ll be the same as before, just better.

Over nearly 20 years of IT outsourcing engagements, we’ve developed and refined a proven migration plan that ensures:

  1. A seamless transition that delivers continuous service, no matter what time of year the transition takes place.
  2. All your key audiences and stakeholders fully understand the engagement and what they stand to gain.
  3. Your current IT staff is treated with the utmost care and dignity during this time of change as they transition from your employees to ours.
  4. Your institution will see the financial and service benefits of our engagement right away, building trust and assurance.

Here’s how our proven transition methodology works in simplest terms:

  1. Your IT employees become our IT employees.
  2. Our compensation package is as good as (and sometimes better than) yours.
  3. We provide transition support for institutional leadership, human resources, community and public relations teams and more to help ensure a seamless transition.
  4. Your IT staff become part of a national community of higher ed IT experts.
  5. Your IT team remains on campus, supporting you.
  6. Your IT team gets additional training, certification and opportunity.
  7. We support your changing IT needs with additional on campus or remote support.
  8. You reap the numerous benefits for years to come.

Successful IT outsourcing engagements require two things: a willingness to change and a strong leadership team ready to execute it.

Dynamic Campus will ensure a smooth, successful transition, then work with your stakeholders to unlock the full potential of your IT investments and your institution.

“If a colleague from another institution came to me and wanted to use Dynamic Campus as an outsourcing option for them, my first reaction would be they better have enough time to still work with us, because we love them. … [I]t’s a glowing recommendation. … [T]he way they operate, I would highly recommend Dynamic Campus to any university or college.”

Dr. Jim O’Neill Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic AffairsMadonna University

Results Speak for Themselves


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