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Results-based strategic and tactical support for higher education since 2002.

In January 2018, the EDUCAUSE® community of higher education institutions identified 15 key issues in teaching and learning for 2018. All 15 were either partially or entirely dependent upon IT to deliver or overcome.

It’s no secret higher education is increasingly relying on IT to support all facets of the student and staff experience, but many institutions are still struggling to adapt… and falling behind in the process.

Since 2002, Dynamic Campus has enabled two- and four-year colleges and universities to thrive in an era of unprecedented disruption in the traditional higher education model.

We do this by bringing the best practices, people, processes and platforms together to solve your institution’s biggest challenges and take advantage of your greatest opportunities.

Why Dynamic Campus?

1. Exclusive higher education focus

The Dynamic Campus team, from our executive leadership team to new hires, has spent the majority of their careers in higher education.

We deeply understand the many factors that make higher ed unique, and we put that hard-won experience to work on your behalf each day.

2. National base of expertise

When it comes to finding the best possible talent, we don’t focus on a specific metro area or geography. We’re not looking for the best database person in Austin—we want the best database person for the job, period.

So our On-Demand Support Team of technical and strategic experts is stationed throughout the country, ready to be on your campus in a timely manner.

3. Fixed costs, unlimited flexibility

You may not be able to forecast what skills and abilities you’ll need on campus a year from now, but you know what you can afford. That’s why Dynamic Campus offers fixed-price contracts that lock in costs for multi-year engagements.

Within those contracts, you receive unrestricted use of our On-Demand Support Team personnel, ensuring you always have the right people at the right time, for the right duration.

4. 360 degrees of Higher Education Support™

In today’s environment, there are no “IT problems” anymore: There are only institutional challenges and opportunities.

So Dynamic Campus offers a complete toolkit of services designed to address any capability gaps on a college or university campus. We call this 360° of Higher Education Support. It’s the most comprehensive suite of services available in higher ed today.

5. Vendor-agnostic approach

Dynamic Campus isn’t a sales rep firm or a vendor’s in-house sales team, and we don’t operate on commission. The only organization we have to answer to is yours.

That means we can draw from the best possible technologies to craft the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Contact Us

Dynamic Campus is uniquely qualified to help you take on your institutions biggest challenges and opportunities, and we have the track record and portfolio of current and past customers to back it up.

If your institution is struggling to adapt to the trends and technologies that are disrupting the higher education model today, contact us below or call us at 888-805-3022 to find out how we can help you right away.

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