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Get more from your CRM platform and your enrollment process with our focused support services.

Modern higher education enrollment and CRM systems like Slate are packed with features that address the full breadth and depth of modern higher education admissions and advancement.

But as intuitive as they may seem out of the box, many institutions struggle to overcome four main roadblocks that prevent them from getting the most from their CRM and Slate investments:

Four Roadblocks to CRM & Slate Success

1. Full integration with ERP systems and other campus platforms

Slate and other CRM systems are developed to integrate with a variety of platforms and applications in the higher education IT ecosystem, including:

  • ERP systems like Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, PowerCampus, Jenzabar, and even homegrown systems
  • Common application services like The Common Application, Universal College Application, CAS applications (CASPA, PharmCAS, PTCAS, VMCAS, etc.), and others
  • Standardized testing and certification data files including ACT, AP, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL
  • Search lists including ACT, Cappex, GMASS, GRE, NRCCUA, Student Search Service, and Zinch
  • Enterprise document management systems including Docfinity, ImageNow, Nolij, and OnBase
  • Financial aid and student success systems including PowerFAIDS, alumni systems, and advancement systems

But many institutions lack the internal ability to develop and deploy the real-time connection that fully integrates these systems so data moves securely and at speed across the ecosystem – a critical capability for campus leaders looking for the complete institutional transparency they need to make data-driven decisions.

2. Reporting, dashboards and data visualizations

In today’s higher education environment, smaller institutions can’t afford to make the wrong decision when it comes to enrollment – they need to be able to adjust their activities on a daily basis to ensure they are able to meet their enrollment and retention goals.

Getting critical data into Slate and other CRMs through integration is one challenge, but the other is ensuring leaders have the right data visualizations and dashboards they need to make these decisions, anywhere and any time, on demand. Displaying the correct information a leader needs to be effective requires specific expertise that often resides outside the campus IT team.

3. Business process optimization and automation

Institutions that simply configure Slate and others to mirror their existing internal processes are missing out on a golden opportunity to remove unnecessary and resource-sapping waste and non-value-added activities from their current processes before they set them in stone with automation.

Studies have shown that optimizing processes before automating delivers significantly more return on investment than optimization or automation alone – and that ROI lasts longer as well.

4. Slate training and coaching

The most effective and well-implemented software installations are bound to fail unless the user community is ready, willing and able to take full advantage of the new software’s capabilities.

While Slate’s support function is robust, many institutions need additional assistance when it comes to training employees how to use CRM systems to its fullest potential – and continue to provide the individual user support that leads to individual proficiency.

“Due to juggling duties, I was unable to create my own reports from Slate. Instead, I was individually running queries and then hand typing to see patterns. Within an hour of talking to Dynamic Campus, they went to work creating several customized reports I desperately needed, allowing me to improve several admissions processes due to my ability to see our performance in near real-time!”

Michelle A. Rable, M.B.A.
Vice President of Enrollment & Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research
Lourdes University

Dynamic Campus - Your Enrollment Partner

Dynamic Campus offers a full complement of enrollment support services designed to help your institution get the most from your CRM platform and your enrollment process as a whole.

Our team of enrollment experts engages with your vice presidents of Enrollment, your Enrollment users and your IT team to ensure:

  • Your CRM installation is properly deployed throughout the campus ecosystem
  • CRM is fully integrated with all your critical campus platforms and systems
  • Your enrollment processes are as streamlined, efficient and effective as possible
  • Your user community is competent, confident and able to use your CRM efficiently and productively for all their daily tasks
  • All your managers and leaders are able to run the exact reports and dashboards they need on demand and in real time
  • Leaders and managers can better manage staff and activities and make the decisions they need for the institution to meet and exceed its enrollment goals

Beyond that, our more than 17 years of higher education specific support — and 49 years of cumulative higher education recruiting and CRM experience on the Dynamic Campus team — allows us to effectively meet your strategic enrollment objectives in additional to your immediate tactical needs, serving as a true trusted partner as well as an effective technical resource.

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Is your institution considering a Slate implementation (or other CRM platform) or are you frustrated with your current platform?

If so, contact us to find out how you can put our nationwide team of enrollment experts to work on your institution’s behalf!

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