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Since 2002, Dynamic Campus has been a trusted technology advisor and partner for higher education leaders and institutions who want to gain control of their technology, then harness it to get ahead of the curve – and stay there.

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Our approach

Shrinking student populations. Tuition pressure. Increasing expectations from stakeholders on campus and off. The strategic application of technology is helping many leading-edge institutions address these challenges head on, but most colleges and universities face two major obstacles:

As a result, most institutional leaders are reacting to complaints more than they’re proactively deploying new solutions. They grit their teeth through WiFi outages and dead spots, budget overruns and cybersecurity breaches. They go with their gut on big decisions and miss enrollment targets and other key metrics for success.

If this sounds like your institution, you need Dynamic Campus. Bold higher education leaders rely on Dynamic Campus to strategically deploy and manage their technology, ensuring they can:

  • Grow their institution, not their expenses.
  • Make better data-driven decisions.
  • Exceed the expectations of their students, faculty, staff and stakeholders.
  • Do more with their existing IT investments.
  • Transform their institution to excel – no matter what the future holds.

Real-world financial and strategic results

“As we scan the horizon and we think about the challenges that all colleges and universities are facing, because of our partnership with Dynamic Campus we’re out in front. IT in higher education is just too important not to do it that way.”

man small headshotMonsignor James Patrick Shea, President
University of Mary

“The budgetary impact we’ve been able to accomplish by outsourcing our IT function to Dynamic Campus has been upwards of a million dollars. The first year we were able to reduce our IT spend by about $700,000, and that’s all while we are increasing services. Faculty, students and staff are very happy with the change.”

Donna Nance, Vice President of Finance & Administration
Texas Wesleyan University

“We really feel like we’re humming on all cylinders right now and from the national meetings I attend, I don’t believe our peer institutions can say the same.”

Diane Fladeland, Vice President for Academic Affairs
University of Mary

“They’ve made the faculty and staff very comfortable using technology, and they’ve improved our financial efficiencies in measures I could not have imagined. They really believe in treating people with human dignity and in increasing the value of a Madonna education, and I’m proud to partner with them.”

Dr. Michael Grandillo, President
Madonna University

“Before we outsourced our IT function, we were employing certain level of expertise on our full-time staff, year-round, even though we might only need that expertise for a few weeks each year. The ability to utilize the expertise of shared services through Dynamic Campus has been a godsend to Texas Wesleyan.”

Frederick G. Slabach, President
Texas Wesleyan University

“They were able to bargain with many of our software vendors at a level that I was not capable of doing and saw some hard cash dollar reductions in the cost of some of our existing products.”

Dave Boyd, Vice President of Finance & Operations
Madonna University

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