Dynamic Campus, the nation’s largest vendor-neutral provider of technology managed services support for higher education institutions, announced a multi-year IT outsourcing partnership with Capital University, a private four-year undergraduate university, law school and seminary based in Columbus, Ohio.

“Having the ability to make data-informed decisions due to a tightly integrated IT ecosystem and strong data governance is a key differentiator in today’s higher education environment,” said Capital University President David L. Kaufman.

We are confident that Dynamic Campus is fully aligned with our academic mission and values and has a track record of successful empowerment of smaller, private institutions like Capital.”

As part of this partnership, Capital’s current IT staff will transition to become Dynamic Campus employees, ensuring ongoing support for the university’s students and faculty. Capital’s on-campus IT will be augmented by Dynamic Campus’ Talent Cloud™, a scalable nationwide network of full-time higher education technology and functional experts across the United States.

This team offers experienced, focused expertise in a variety of critical needs on demand, including data analytics and dashboards, ERP and SIS support, CRM and enrollment systems, business intelligence, institutional research and more.

This ensures Capital’s students, faculty and staff can rely on a high-performing, integrated IT ecosystem that unlocks their full potential.

“It can be difficult for small, private institutions like Capital University to keep pace with the growing complexity of their IT ecosystem and the fast-changing challenges of higher education,” Dynamic Campus CEO and co-founder Jody Glubke said.

“Through our partnership, Capital University gains immediate access to expertise, scalability, and support ensuring their IT services and data access are a business enabler, accelerator and differentiator.”

About Capital University

Located in the Columbus, Ohio, community of Bexley, Capital University is a comprehensive, private university centered in contemporary Lutheran values offering undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs in the liberal arts, sciences and professions.

Since its founding in 1830 and charter as a university in 1850, Capital has been an agent in shaping engaged citizens and purposeful leaders who improve their industries, communities, and society.