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Dynamic Campus is the nation’s largest independent provider of dedicated higher education technology services and support.

For nearly 20 years, two- and four-year institutions large and small have relied on us to help them get more value out of their IT investments, increase service levels to a variety of stakeholders, and help their institutions thrive under any market conditions.

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Higher education is undergoing the same rapid, large-scale disruption that has utterly transformed the private sector over the last 30 years. According to the higher education analysts at Moody’s, institutions that can “identify their strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate action where necessary will fare better than those that remain reactive.”

When you think about your institution’s IT investment as a whole – including your IT processes, platforms and people – are they helping you stay ahead of your competitors amidst these rapid changes, or are they holding you back?

If you’re not sure, take a glance at our Pathway to Institutional Maturity chart to see where your institution stands.

Simply put, if you’re not confident your IT investments are part of the solution… they’re probably part of the problem.

At Dynamic Campus, our sole mission is to ensure that technology is helping you achieve your short-term needs and your long-term strategic vision.

In our experience, it’s not always about spending more on technology, or ripping out and replacing your current systems. It’s about extracting maximum value from the investments you’ve already made.

How mature is your institution?

Check our Pathway to Institutional Maturity to find out!

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Having Dynamic Campus as its strategic, generative and helpful partner in IT allows us at the University of Mary to be able to focus upon our central work, which is the work of education.

Msgr. James P. Shea President, University of Mary

The Dynamic Campus advantage


Exclusive higher education focus

The Dynamic Campus team, from our executive leadership team to new hires, has spent most or all of their careers in higher education. We deeply understand the many factors that make higher education unique, and we put that hard-won experience to work on your behalf each day.


Independently owned and operated

Strategic technology support for colleges and universities is all that we do. The success of our business is entirely dependent on our ability to serve institutions like yours. There are no distractions, and there is no Plan B.

When situations arise that require executive attention, there’s no need for you to consult an org chart: our executive team is always a phone call or a quick flight away.


Enterprise-class support

Dynamic Campus offers a deep bench of nationwide higher education-specific technology experts, ready to address your changing needs in a variety of fields both on campus and remotely, including:

  • ERP systems: 177 years’ experience
  • Infrastructure and Integration: 210 years’ experience
  • Business Intelligence: 75 years’ experience
  • Document Imaging: 46 years’ experience
  • 10 different functional areas from Recruiting to Institutional Research: 623 years’ experience


Vendor-agnostic approach

Dynamic Campus isn’t a rep firm or a vendor’s in-house sales team, and we don’t play shell games with fees and expenses. The only organization we answer to is yours.

That means we can draw from the best possible technologies to craft the perfect solution for your specific needs – not just what we happen to build or sell.

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