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Dynamic Campus is the largest vendor-neutral provider of technology outsourcing and managed services support for higher education institutions in the U.S.

Since 2002, more than 350 four-and two-year colleges and universities have relied on our unique combination of trusted tactical, functional, and strategic technology expertise to ensure their institutions always have the IT and consulting horsepower they need, all for one flat monthly fee.

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Why you need Dynamic Campus

At this critical moment in higher education, here are eight reasons why Dynamic Campus is the right choice for your institution’s growing and changing IT and strategic support needs:

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One contract, infinite support combinations

When you partner with us, signing a contract means the end of negotiations, not the beginning. Our contracts are all-inclusive, meaning everything is covered, no matter how your needs change. All our tactical, technical, functional and strategic support services are included. And all for a flat monthly fee that you can bank on for years to come.


Fully independent and flexible

Dynamic Campus has been privately held since it was founded in 2002. We’re fully autonomous, debt-free, have experienced exponential growth every year, and have no pressure to meet some number that’s been set for us by stockholders, investors, venture capitalists, bankers, or others.

Due to our autonomy, we can offer more partner-friendly contract terms, including creative exit points during the initial term of the contract and creative financing arrangements to meet our client’s cash-flow circumstances. We are mighty and nimble.

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Higher education is our business

We’re not a temp agency, a software firm, or an IT staffing firm. All we’ve done for the last 20 years is support the technology needs of more than 350 higher education institutions like yours. Nobody understands your specific needs or the leading higher education solutions and best practices better than we do.


Unparalleled focus

Dynamic Campus doesn’t develop, sell, or promote any software, hardware, or equipment. We have no resale or contractual obligations with any vendors or providers. Delivering IT managed services to achieve your near-term and strategic goals is all we do, period. We work as if our livelihoods depend solely on our ability to support your IT needs— because they do.

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No quotas or internal conflicts

Not one member of our team has a quota or incentive plan. That way, when we recommend an IT solution, you’ll rest easy knowing it’s the best one for your specific needs, period. Not because it’s a chance to up-sell/cross-sell, earn a nice promotional spiff or win that trip to Hawaii.


On-campus focus with remote breadth

Dynamic Campus joins your IT team, enhancing their existing capabilities, unlocking their full potential, and surrounding them with the support they need and ensure they’re able to achieve your near- and long-term goals. Your stakeholders will see the same familiar faces they’re used to seeing—only significantly better, faster, and more responsive than they were before.

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Our values are your values

Your goal isn’t to be the largest university in the country; that would mean losing your ability to engage in deep relationship building and potentially compromise the principles upon which your institution was founded.

Dynamic Campus shares your approach. Our focus is on building strong, lasting, authentic relationships with partner institutions, to the point that we’re inseparable from the institutions themselves. That’s our model and how we operate.

We only win if you win, so we work to identify institutions and leadership teams we know we can help, then work together to achieve their goals, transform their institutions, and help them leave a legacy.


Not just higher education focused. Private higher education focused

The current needs of small, private colleges are incredibly unique and incredibly acute. How do we know? Because we work exclusively with institutions just like yours, with a track record of success to back it up.

We understand the unique challenges of smaller institutions better than any managed services company in higher education, and we can put those years of experience and expertise to work on Day One to help you navigate your greatest challenges and maximize your greatest opportunities.

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“It is this synergistic effect that is created when Dynamic Campus walks into your situation and just bolsters everyone in that journey. By that I mean, everyone—faculty, staff, students—as we continue to do the really vital work of learning and working together in this higher ed environment. It’s a gift that’s worth the investment.”

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Results Speak for Themselves


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