The emergence of COVID-19 disrupted higher education to its foundations in a matter of days, and with conditions changing daily, planning for fall 2020 and the 2021 recruiting cycle is nearly impossible.

  • What are small, private institutions doing today to fulfill their mission this semester and beyond?
  • What’s working, and what can other private institution leaders learn and apply right away to position their institution for success in an age of pandemics?

In this 60-minute recorded session, a panel of current presidents from small, private universities shared their approaches to the following urgent topics:

  • How to effectively manage, operate and lead an institution while practicing social distancing
  • Maximizing yields during a summer of uncertainty
  • Recruiting for 2021 without your biggest closer: the summer campus visit
  • Ensuring business continuity in a world of black swan and gray rhino events

The event was hosted by Fred Slabach, President of Texas Wesleyan University, with two additional panelists:

  • Dr. Mary Ann Gawelek, President, Lourdes University
  • Dr. Leslie Pollard, President, Oakwood University