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The leader you’re looking for, and much more.

Finding the right person for your open IT leadership position is critical to your institution’s future.

It takes a special person that can balance strategy, technology, leadership and knowledge of higher education to get the job done.

That’s why Dynamic Campus offers our IT Leadership & Staff Augmentation service to help you:

  • Get the right IT leader in place quickly.
  • Retain them as long as you need them.
  • Ensure they have all the IT resources they need to be successful.

How it works

1. We identify and place the right IT leader for your specific needs and goals.

Our executive team is stocked with former higher ed CIOs and veteran IT solution architects who:

  • Meet with you to truly understand your institution’s vision and strategic goals.
  • Use their deep experience to ask the right questions and identify the technology requirements to answer them.
  • Tap into our roster of hard-to-find, specialized technologists to ensure all technology projects are completed successfully.

2. They stay on site as long as you need them.

Most Dynamic Campus customers keep their new IT leaders for several years, to oversee large projects like ERP migrations, online capabilities development, LMS system optimization or similar digital transformations.

3. We ensure a smooth transition.

If you decide to fill the position with a full-time hire at some point, our IT leader ensures a smooth transition before stepping away to assist other Dynamic Campus customers.

More than just leadership.

Even the best leaders can’t be effective without the right team behind them.

That’s why every university or college that takes advantage of our IT Leadership & Staff Augmentation service doesn’t just get the IT leader they’re looking for in the near term: You also get full access to our deep bench of on-demand higher education IT experts.

That way, your new IT leader can leverage the full capabilities of your existing IT team, and have instant access to Dynamic Campus’s On-Demand Team when additional scope, skill or scale is needed.

For example, your IT leader may choose to:

  • Bring in ERP experts to optimize an existing implementation or support a new one.
  • Add specialists to augment the existing team to help get the IT project roadmap back on track.
  • Tap networking experts to help scale the campus infrastructure to meet bandwidth demands.
  • Enlist security experts to help harden the campus infrastructure without sacrificing access.
  • Consult with infrastructure specialists to help modernize the institution’s data center.

All of these services are available quickly and seamlessly for a fixed fee that you agree upon in advance, based on the specific IT gaps you need to close.

Contact Us

If you’re struggling to find the right person to lead your IT organization, Dynamic Campus is ready to help get your technology projects back on track.

Contact us below to find out how, or call us at 888-805-3022.

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