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Turn-key IT management for colleges and universities.

Higher education’s growing reliance on technology to deliver and expand student, staff and faculty services on and off campus is overloading some IT departments.

If you don’t currently have the IT resources to deliver the technical support your vision requires, Dynamic Campus offers our Comprehensive Managed Services.

Comprehensive Managed Services allows Dynamic Campus to essentially serve as your institution’s self-sufficient IT team, including IT leadership and all technical support needed to achieve your institutional goals.

Some situations where our customers have engaged our Comprehensive Managed Services include:

  • New institutions that lack the time or experience to build an IT team from scratch.
  • Institutions in remote or rural areas where recruiting top talent is difficult.
  • Situations where the scale and skill of the current resources are not aligned with institutional need and vision.
  • Instances when an institution is struggling to launch an all-digital platform for extended learning, including:
    • online campuses
    • continuing and professional education
    • virtual classrooms or massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Set yourself up for success

Several Dynamic Campus clients have taken advantage of our Comprehensive Managed Services with great success.

Click the case studies below to find out more. 

College of Western Idaho (CWI)

• $378,333 in infrastructure cost savings
• $250,000 in vendors contract savings
• 100% uptime over 5 years

Texas Southmost College (TSC)

• Just 24 months to reach operational independence
• 24 more months after opening to achieve accreditation
• Integrated majority of ERP system in just five months

University of Mary (UMary)

• Led cloud migration of legacy systems
• Increased BI visibility & accountability campuswide
• 66% decrease in wireless network help desk volume

Contact Us

To find out how our Comprehensive Managed Services can help your institution with its most difficult IT challenges, just click below or call us at 888-805-3022.

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