Prepare your institution for a post-Covid future with this complimentary series of one-hour virtual sessions and roundtables  

Learn what’s ahead for higher education from New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Selingo and other leaders

Covid may have stopped higher education conferences, but it has accelerated everything else in your world. Now is the perfect time to look beyond your spring semester and ensure your institution is ready to succeed in a post-Covid world.

In this series of complimentary virtual sessions and roundtable discussions, you’ll engage directly with a variety of higher education leaders who are turning the most pressing challenges in higher education into opportunities and bringing the future to life on their campuses, today.

All sessions below will be available to all attendees at no charge, courtesy of Dynamic Campus.

The 2020 Higher Education Leadership Symposium working agenda

KEYNOTE SPEAKER                 December 1, 2020                  1:00 pm EST

  • The digital backbone: How leading institutions are harnessing technology to thrive in the post-COVID higher education landscape

Jeffrey Selingo, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and former editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education




  • Unlocking institutional efficiency to fulfill your mission while reducing overhead and expense

Moderator, panelists, date and time to be announced

  • Transforming your institution into the Campus of the Future

Moderator, panelists, date and time to be announced

  • Recruiting, enrollment and retention in the “next normal”

Moderator, panelists, date and time to be announced

  • Addressing racial injustice by minimizing the digital divide

Moderator, panelists, date and time to be announced

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