This week, Greenville University announced that Dynamic Campus, a company providing technology solutions for higher education, will partner with the University to further enhance GU’s technology services to students, faculty, and staff.

Current University staff in the IT and instructional design and technology departments will have the opportunity to retain their roles at GU as employees of Dynamic Campus.

Dynamic Campus will provide leadership, tactical expertise, and a nationwide bench of experts to support GU’s classroom technology and IT services. These resources and personnel support will allow GU to enhance its critical focus on items such as:

• Cyber security
• Instructional technologies
• Data storage
• IT support for students and employees
• Communication platforms

“Technology is a vital part of a 21st century university,” says GU President Ivan Filby, adding that the partnership with Dynamic Campus allows GU to “fully optimize our technological capabilities for the rapidly changing needs and goals of the institution.”

“A comprehensive, stable and secure technology ecosystem that meets the growing expectations of today’s college students – not to mention the evolving needs of faculty and staff – is essential to success in higher education today,” says Mike Glubke, Dynamic Campus president and CEO. “We look forward to providing an IT environment that meets the immediate needs of Greenville’s stakeholders and positions the university for long-term success in this rapidly changing industry we’ve been serving for more than 17 years.”

About Greenville University
Greenville University is an accredited Christian liberal arts school with more than 1,200 traditional undergraduate, graduate and adult degree completion students. Founded in 1892 and affiliated with the Free Methodist Church, the University is located in Greenville, Illinois, 45 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri