Greenville University (GU) announced an expansion of its multi-year partnership with Dynamic Campus, a trusted provider of technical, operational, cybersecurity and business intelligence support for higher education for more than 22 years.

Since 2019, Dynamic Campus has provided the information technology support that Greenville University has depended on, blending on-campus and remote support to ensure GU had the exact technical and functional expertise the university needed, exactly when it needed it—and for a flat monthly fee providing budget predictability.

“Dynamic Campus’s managed services model has increased our IT horsepower significantly these last several years, delivering benefits we would never have been able to experience on our own,” said Suzanne Davis, president of Greenville University.

“But it was the high-performing team culture and operational excellence the IT department established that encouraged me to consider other functions and business areas that could benefit from the same kinds of improvements we’ve experienced in IT.”

Greenville University MonumentUnder the terms of the expanded relationship, Dynamic Campus has assumed responsibility for GU’s registrar, institutional research, instructional design and a number of other business functions at GU, applying the same proven model of on-campus resources augmented by specific functional and technical support from the Dynamic Campus Talent Cloud™, a large team of higher education experts that enable GU to achieve its business goals.

In addition, Dynamic Campus’s CIO at GU has been promoted to the role of GU’s Chief Operating Officer, overseeing all the of the functions and offices involved in the transition.

“For more than two decades, we’ve listened closely to the needs of college and university leaders and developed solutions to their most pressing challenges and opportunities,” said Jody Glubke, Dynamic Campus’s co-founder and co-CEO. “For many smaller, private institutions, that has meant expanding beyond IT support to encompass institutional research, registrar, enrollment and other critical business functions.

President Davis’s vision was a natural evolution of our relationship, allowing GU’s leadership to increasingly focus on their mission of delivering a high value, faith-based and distinctive education in today’s competitive environment.”

About Greenville University
Greenville University is an accredited Christian liberal arts school with more than 1,054 traditional undergraduate, graduate and adult degree completion students. Founded in 1892 and affiliated with the Free Methodist Church, the University is located in Greenville, Illinois, 45 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri.